Industrial floor coatings

Factors to consider


Floor paint & type of traffic-

Floor paints come in single pack and two pack applications. Single pack are more economical, but not suitable for vehicle traffic. Two pack are more suited to commercial and industrial settings and can withstand vehicle traffic and chemical spills.

industrial floor painters

Floor paint & volume of traffic-
High traffic areas are best suited to a two pack heavy duty floor coating, additional coats may be applied to high traffic areas to ensure the finish will last for longer.
Preparation of existing floor to give a lasting finish-
The most important aspect of painting a floor is the preparation. Any areas of existing defective floor paint need to be removed. If the area is large, a mechanical grinder is the most practical method to prepare the floor. If existing floor is sound it will just need a degrease.

New concrete screed- sufficient drying time-

For new floors, sufficient drying time should be allowed before some two pack paints are applied. A new concrete screed of 50mm should be given around 6 weeks to dry sufficiently. There are some 2 pack water based paints, Rawlins ‘Durafloor plus’ that can be applied once the screed has partially dried and will allow the screed to continue to dry.

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Warranty period-

Floor paints do not come with a warranty from the manufacturer, instead they give a typical lifespan for their products. Industrial Floor painting companies will give a warranty for their completed jobs of 12 or 24 months. Should you require a longer warranty period this should be negotiated with your painting contractor prior to start of the work.